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Phase One IQ4

Phase One IQ4

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The IQ4 is built on the powerful and flexible new Infinity Platform. Available in 150MP, 100MP Trichromatic and 150MP Achromatic variants.


The IQ4 is built on the powerful and flexible new Infinity Platform. Available in 150MP, 100MP Trichromatic and 150MP Achromatic variants.

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Phase One Digital Backs

Digital Back Variant

150MP, 100MP Trichromatic, 150MP Achromatic

Camera System or Digital Back Only

Camera System including XF Body and Prism (No Lens), Digital Back Only

Introducing Phase One’s IQ4 Camera System

As a photographer, your unique perspective and creative use of tools empowers you to stand out from the billions of images captured daily. To effectively deliver a distinctive vision in this fast-paced industry demands an innovative and future-forward camera that becomes an extension of your creativity – transforming your creative vision into your creative achievement. Create with the camera system that weathers the changing world while emboldening creativity from its core.

Built to achieve infinite possibilities

The IQ4 is built on the powerful and flexible new Infinity Platform to change with you and adapt to new technology, removing the limitations in your creative workflow. The cutting-edge RAW editing core of Capture One has been integrated into the camera itself for control, quality and integration – even when you are away from your computer. Three tethering options, dual storage capabilities and adherence to the Phase One Open Platform Philosophy provide future-proof flexibility and functionality in a modular design. The large, full frame medium format sensors capture the greatest amount of light with the least amount of interpretation, providing unmatched image quality and unparalleled photographic flexibility. Available in 150MP, 100MP Trichromatic and 150MP Achromatic variants, you are sure to find the IQ4 Camera System that will take your creative workflow to the next level.

Introduction to the Infinity Platform and the IQ4 Camera System

IQ4 Camera System Features

Infinity Platform

Designed from the ground up by Phase One, this new processing platform opens the door of possibilities in imaging, now and well into the future

Capture One Inside

Bringing the speed, quality, customization, and image processing of Capture One into the capture process as no one else but Phase One is able to do.

101-151 megapixel

Pushing the limits of what is possible. By providing image quality and resolution that exceeds the needs of today, securing longevity well into the future.

Future-Proof tethering

Three dedicated tethering options (USB-C, Ethernet, and WiFi) provide infinite integration possibilities, expanding the vision of workflow integration.

Advanced Storage

Ensuring security and speed with both XQD and SD storage, as well as the ability to customize data storage options.

Evolving photographic tools

The new tools available to aid the photographic process (Exposure Simulation, Frame Averaging, etc.) aim to bring new efficiency and control to the capture process.

The IQ4 platform is comprised of two camera systems, the pioneering XF and now the extraordinary XT. Find out more about the specific benefits of each below.

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