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XF Focus Trim Target

XF Focus Trim Target
14th September 2017 Steve Martin

Xf focus trim target

XF Focus Trim Target

XF Focus Trim Target and Guide. Vector graphics of the A5 size which is shipping with all Camera Systems and Lenses. These are made available in order to provide a larger target, for use on longer distances with the FocusTrim Feature released in Feature Update #4.

Please note you do not have to update your XF to HAP-2* to take advantage of the new features – the update is applied to the XF camera body regardless of which HAP is installed.

Another small note – when you update the camera to the latest firmware, all previously stored Focus Trims will be lost, so customers will have to perform Focus Trim again for all their lenses. However, using the new Focus Trim tool, this can be done in a matter of minutes. The new Focus Trim Target is available for download (to be printed) here.

*HAP-2 is available for those customers that want the highest performance from the camera.

Download XF Trim Guide Here

Download Trim Target A5 Here

Download Trim Target A4 Here

Download Trim Target A3 Here

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