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Teamwork Digital's Products of 2015 – TetherTools Cables

Teamwork Digital's Products of 2015 – TetherTools Cables
27th December 2015 Lawrence

Here at Teamwork Towers, we are always on the lookout for the best products to make your life just that little bit less stressful and when it comes to tethering your camera to a computer, things can start to become a little “more interesting” then they need to be.

Enter the TetherTools range of bright orange USB 2.0 and 3.0 cables.

TetherTools Cables

Designed to work with a wide selection of cameras from Nikon to Sony, from Canon to even Phase One digital backs, these cables have proven themselves time and again to be an essential, robust and reliable product ensuring that you are able to concentrate on taking the perfect shot rather than worrying about whether the camera is connected to the computer.

TetherTools cables are around 4.5 metres in length, but should you need to be further away from your computer there is also a range of extension cables of similar length. You could be tethered up to a distance of over 9 metres. These extensions are also in a highly visible orange to reduce the chance of tripping over them.

However, should the worst happen, Tethertools also provide a cable management system; the Jerkstopper. These Jerkstoppers provide an anchor point that reduces the stress from the cable ports on you camera and computer and helps to prevent the cables dislodging and subsequent damage and expensive repairs to your gear

…and did we say they are orange?

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