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Phase One Schneider Kreuznach 2x Teleconverter

Phase One Schneider Kreuznach 2x Teleconverter
4th September 2013 Steve Martin

Phase One have announced a new Schneider Kreuznach 2x Teleconverter. You can get your hands on one now from Teamwork Digital.

Phase One Schneider Kreuznach 2x Teleconverter


This 2x teleconverter is designed for and compatible with the Schneider Kreuznach 240mm f/4.5 IF and the 150mm f/3.5 leaf shutter lenses as well as the Phase One 150mm f/2.8 AF lens. The teleconverter effectively extends the focal length of these lenses to 480mm and 300mm respectively. The 2x teleconverter reduces the maximum aperture of the attached lens by 2 f-stops.

With the compatible lenses, the teleconverter offers photographers great optical compression that effectively eliminates the distance between objects in the captured scene. This is a great effect for shooting stunning landscape images for instance.

The difference with a 2x Teleconverter

Click the following image to see a larger preview.

Image comparison with the Schneider Kreuznach 2x teleconverter

In the above we compare the quality of the details of an image shot with the Schneider Kreuznach 240mm f/4.5 IF with 2x digital zoom (to the left) and the Schneider Kreuznach 240mm f/4.5 IF with the 2x teleconverter (to the right). The fine details in the image stand out much better with the teleconverter.

Please note that only manual focus is supported with this product and it is not compatible and should not be used with any other lenses.


The Phase One Schneider Kreuznach 2x Teleconverter is now available from Teamwork Digital. Click through to our website for more details and contact us to enquire about pricing.

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