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Phase One XF Camera & Mamiya Credo – Now Compatible!

Phase One XF Camera & Mamiya Credo – Now Compatible!
29th February 2016 Steve Martin

Phase One XF Camera & Mamiya CredoThe Phase One XF Camera Body is now available for Credo Digital Backs!

Open Platform Design

The XF Camera System was designed to be an open platform, enabling the world leaders in photography access to amazing optics and superior creative tools. The XF Camera combined with a Leaf Credo back offers you control, performance, precision and reliability, allowing you to focus on your creativity. Extraordinary image capture becomes a natural practice through the systems ease of use and direct control.

Honeybee Autofocus System

The XF Camera Body integrates the exclusive and proprietary Honeybee Autofocus System. Built for precision in professional environments, the HAP-1 system is built from a dedicated CMOS Autofocus sensor and separate processor. This unique structure allows for customisation, optimisation and growth. Using a new white spectrum focus assist light and Phase One developed focusing patterns; Auto Focus is more accurate than ever, right out of the gate. To ensure proper operation and communication of the XF Camera Body and the Credo Digital Back

Phase One XF Camera & Mamiya CredoFirmware 4.01 Update for Leaf Credo 40, 60 & 80 and 2.02 Update for Leaf Credo 50

This update is recommended for all users of Credo 40, 50, 60 & 80 and delivers a number of performance improvements and fixed issues.

The firmware 4.01 update for Leaf Credo 40, 60 & 80 and 2.02 update for Leaf Credo 50 adds:

  • Support for Phase One XF camera: The world’s best and most advanced medium format camera system is now supported. You can now take advantage of many new features and functionalities, such as:
    • A clear, bright touch LCD with intuitive menu system
    • Advanced, fast AF system with hyper-­‐‑focal point calibration and a new, bright assist light
    • Choice of prism and waist-­‐‑level finders
  • New XF camera controls Remote focus control in Capture One: When using a Mamiya or a Schneider Auto Focus lens, the Live View Controls tool now shows a set of focus nudging buttons, providing course, fine and ultra-­‐‑fine adjustment without having to reach for the camera and eliminating vibrations
  • Updating XF firmware from the digital back When mounted on the XF, the Capture menu displays a new “XF” Menu, which enabled updating the body firmware from a CF card by pressing the Update Firmware button and following the on-­‐‑screen instructions. It also enables viewing the current firmware versions for the body, lens and viewfinder.

Fixed Issues:

  • Improved tolerance to bouncing mechanical shutters on View and Technical cameras.
  • Fixed frequent error “Disk test failed” when inserting CF card just after power on.

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