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The light shaping company

The light shaping company. Profoto produce some of the world best photographic lighting and their products are used by the world best photographers. Profoto was founded in 1968, in Stockholm, by photographer and engineer Eckhard Heine and photo equipment retailer Conny Dufgran, both Swedish.

Their relationship started out with Mr Dufgran selling Mr Heine a new flash unit – that didn’t work. Annoyed with the failing unit, Mr Heine went home and invented a new type of flash, with the focus on durability. Simply by walking around in Stockholm for two weeks, he immediately sold 25 units.

Profoto was born – with a bang – and a few months later Eckhard Heine and Conny Dufgran launched the new Pro-1 generator internationally at the Photokina trade show in Cologne

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Light Shaping Tools

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Bags & Cases

Profoto B10

The newest mini mono-bloc

The smallest and most lightweight off-camera flash ever by Profoto. With five times the power of a speedlight packed into the size and shape of a camera lens, the Profoto B10 makes it easy to be creative with light anywhere.

Profoto A1

The world’s smallest studio light

The A1 is every inch a Profoto light – just smaller. Its unique round head delivers light that’s both natural and beautiful with a soft smooth fall-off. And it’s incredibly easy to use with superfast recycling and a long-lasting battery, so you’ll never miss a shot. On the move, shooting on-camera or off, this is light shaping excellence everywhere.

Profoto B1X

The best-selling battery-powered TTL flash

Ideal for on-location photography, the Profoto B1X sets the benchmark once again for cordless, battery-powered monolights. And with both TTL and HSS available, you’re guaranteed the best light shaping experience possible on location, anywhere.

Profoto B2

Battery powered portable lighting

Location shooting is famously unpredictable, so it’s important to be quick on your feet and fast to adapt. With the versatile, portable and battery-powered Profoto B2 with TTL and HSS you become mobile and always stay one step ahead of the action.

The B2 comes as a 250Ws version and can be bought in two different kits: the B2 To-Go kit with a single head or the two head B2 Location Kit. You can also buy a separate B2 head.

Profoto D2

The world’s fastest monolight with TTL

The versatile and super-fast D2 monolight with TTL and HSS is up to any challenge. With the ability to freeze action at up to 1/63,000 of a second, shoot bursts of 20 images per second and sync with camera shutter speeds as fast as 1/8,000 of a second, the D2 is redefining the definition of speed in monolights.

The D2 is offered in two variants – 500Ws and 1000Ws. You can buy a single D2 or a D2 Duo Kit with two heads.

Light Shaping Tools

Light shaping is the key to creating amazing images. Profoto is a world leader in light shaping tools with more than 150 available, each with their own distinct effect on light and how it is distributed.

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