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Phase One XF Camera System Feature Update #3

Phase One XF Camera System Feature Update #3
3rd October 2016 Steve Martin

Phase One have today released the XF Camera System Feature Update #3, greatly advancing the features of the world’s first full frame medium format CMOS sensor.

New Phase One XF V-Grip

Phase One XF V-Grip
Providing advanced ergonomics and additional control options, the new Phase One XF V-Grip ensures simplicity as well as dynamic improvements to handheld workflow applications. Whether using the XF V-Grip hand-held or on a tripod, the ease of use and added controls make this accessory a valuable asset to any professional photographer.

Updated Firmware for the Phase One XF Camera

  • Flash Analysis & Rear Curtain Trim

    In flash photography it is essential to understand the characteristics of your output. With the Flash Analysis Tool, you are now able to review all aspects of your flash output just after the capture. Flash duration, output power and flash sync timing within the capture are now all available with the Flash Analysis Tool. With a simple visual representation of your flash output, you can now evaluate your effective and total flash duration; you can even trim the flash sync timing directly from the camera to achieve perfect results.

  • Advanced Profoto Air

    Further improving on the XF Camera System’s Profoto flash integration, your Phase One XF Camera can now fully control your flash system with the new Profoto Air Tool. With the full functionality of the Profoto Air now built directly into the XF Camera System, you can integrate your Profoto off-camera flash easily and efficiently. Control, fire and access up to six groups of Profoto lights wireless, directly from the XF Camera display.

  • TTL Metering

    With the newly introduced Profoto Air Tool, TTL flash metering is now possible with the XF Camera System. For photographing in ever-changing lighting conditions and fast paced location work, Profoto AirTTL flash metering can be an essential tool for consistent results. The Profoto Air integrates with the XF Camera System’s Auto Focus sensor to provide active feedback and deliver accurate exposures with every capture, no matter the variables.

  • Create, Load & Save System Setup

    The new Custom Setup menu provides the opportunity to Create, Load and Save System Setups. Any and all customisation changes made to the XF Camera System can now be saved to one of three setup fields in the XF Camera System. These Custom Setups can be renamed on the IQ Digital Back and then be saved to the CF card. These setups can be transferred to your computer for safekeeping, loaded from a CF card quickly and easily. The introduction of this tool ensures that complex user interface changes can be made available for later use or shared amongst multiple users in a studio or rental environment.

  • Icon Control

    The introduction of Icon Control to the XF Camera System now allows you to customise the tools and icons that are available at the tip of your fingers on the XF Top Screen. Be it in the studio or in the field, different tools can be moved to the location of your choosing and ensure their access is as convenient as possible. In addition to the advanced control of your icons on the main screen, you can also customise the tools available in the slide menu, making your XF Camera System as efficient as possible to fit your needs.

Download your firmware here

Capture One 9.3 – XF Camera System Integration

Capture One Pro continues to grow and service the professional photographer. With Feature Update #3 focusing primarily on Studio applications, Phase One bring you Capture One Pro 9.3 with advanced support for EIZO monitor calibration. In order to deliver the colour standards of quality Phase One demands, EIZO calibration is achieved directly from within the software. The features of Capture One Pro include camera support; lens profiles and the best image quality, continuing to meet the demands of professional photographers everywhere.

Download the latest update here or order your licence key from Teamwork Digital.

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