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Konova MSS-250 Smart Motorised System

Konova MSS-250 Smart Motorised System

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The Konova MSS-250 Smart Motorised System provides a solution for real-time motion control and programmed shoot-move-shoot sequences on their K3, K5 & K7 sliders


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The Konova MSS-250 Smart Motorised System provides a solution for real-time motion control and programmed shoot-move-shoot sequences on their K3, K5 & K7 sliders.

Setting up the system is a fast and simple process. Once the motor mounting plate has been fitted to the slider carriage using the included hex screws, the consequential setup time takes less than 60 seconds. Only two components need to be fixed to the slider – the belt and the motor. The belt clamps to either end of the slider using the existing mounting hardware on the slider and the motor itself screws to the slider carriage using a single hand-tightened knob.

For real-time motion control, the carriage can be operated in two ways. The first allows the user to control the carriage in real time, using the controllers’ joystick to define a moving direction. Secondly, the controller can be setup to loop the same movement, with applications as an unmanned second camera, such as for an interview. In this mode, the limit switches are used as a trigger to change the moving direction. 

As well as real-time applications, the Smart controller really shines in regards to programmed move-shoot-move sequences. The move-shoot-move system can be used for both user-controlled stop-motion animation and for natural time-lapse shots.

The Smart controller gives users total control over the time-lapse parameters. They are able to define independently the total number of shots to capture, interval between each shot and the carriage moving distance from one frame to the next.

To ensure exact synchronisation between the carriage movement and the frame capture, a camera release trigger cable is included to connect a DSLR or stills camera to the system. When connected, the Konova system will send a signal to fire the cameras’ shutter at the correct point during the sequence capture.

Konova also offer the M1 Smart Pan & Tilt Head. This can be combined with the MSS-250 and a slider for 3-axis programmed time-lapse sequences.

For 2-axis control, the MSS-250 can be fitted at the same time as the Master Pan. In this setup, only a single motor needs to be programmed, with the second axis set using the guide rail adjustment. 

  • Fits on any K-Series (K3, K5 & K7) slider
  • User-operated and automated real-time motion control
  • Programmed move-shoot-move stop-motion and time-lapse capture
  • Free control over move-shoot-move settings – total number of shots, interval time and movement distance between each frame
  • Simple and quick setup process
  • Physical limit switches built-in to avoid motor damage
  • Includes camera release trigger cable – no need for separate intervalometer
  • Belt is roller-bearing fed to the gear for snag free motion
  • 1/4-20 threads on motor and motor mounting plate to attach accessories

What's in the box?

  • Smart Motion Controller
  • Smart Motion Controller Connector Cable
  • Cable Junction Box
  • 250:1 Geared Motor
  • Motor Mounting Plate
  • 4 x Attachment Screws for Mounting Plate
  • Motor/Limit Switch Combo Cable
  • Belt Assembled with Clamps
  • Camera Release Cable with Extension
  • BPC-SW01 Battery Holder
  • AC Adaptor with UK IEC Cable

Power Requirement


Motor Weight


Motor Dimensions

11.9 cm x 4.5 cm x 5.5 cm

Horizontal Max Speed (seconds/metre)

51 seconds/metre

Vertical Ascending Max Speed (seconds/metre)

68 seconds/metre

Vertical Descending Max Speed (seconds/metre)

47 seconds/metre



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