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Pre-Owned Zenza Bronica ETR-Si with 120 Back, WLF

Pre-Owned Zenza Bronica ETR-Si with 120 Back, WLF

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Pre-Owned Zenza Bronica ETR-Si with 120 Back & Waist Level Finder. This camera has been left with us by a long-standing and trusted client.

Updated and improved version of the popular ETR-S, the ‘I’ version has several useful additions. Using the 6×4.5cm format, the camera had the sweet spot of providing medium format quality yet is compact and portable.

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Pre-Owned Zenza Bronica ETR-Si with 120 Back, WLF

Pre-Owned Zenza Bronica ETR-Si with 120 Back, WLF. This camera has been left with us by a long-standing and trusted client.

Building on the success of the ETR-S, Zenza Bronica introduced the updated ETR-Si in 1989. The ‘I’ referred to the introduction of TTL flash using off the film plane metering. Just as useful was mirror lock up, a sorely missed feature on the ETR-S and also Bulb Exposure rather than just the ‘T’ setting on the lens. The lens release was moved to the front of the body.

All of the other features and benefits remain, the 6×4.5cm format. The modular design, with separate body, lens, viewfinder and interchangeable backs. Shooting one 6×4.5cm meant 15 exposures could be shot before the film had to be changed. A acceptable compromise for many users. Users had the ability to use the waist level viewfinder or add a viewfinder prism for eye level shooting.

The lenses have built-in leaf shutters. with speeds from 1 sec to 1/500 sec, plus T and a mechanical speed. The Seiko electronic shutter gave great accuracy and reliability. The leaf shutter allows full flash synchronisation at any speed. A range of film backs were available including 220 film, Polaroid as well as 70mm and 35mm Panoramic. Additionally there was a range of viewfinders and accessories. Besides the Waist Level Finder, there was 5 additional viewfinders available. The camera was one of the first to offer automatic exposure. Utilising the electronic shutters in the lenses, the AE Finder, AE Finder II and AE Finder III gave eye level viewing with an ability to have Aperture Priority automatic exposure.

One of the greatest features of the Bronica cameras was the brilliant Speed Grip. Sliding into the groves on the base of the camera, the speed grip had a drive mechanism that engaged  with the wind on crank and allowed one handed wind on and firing of the shutter. It’s a great innovation. With a prism attached it truly made the Bronica cameras very easy to handle and as useable as a 35mm SLR.

A large range off lenses were available from 30mm Fisheye to a 500mm telephoto alongside two zooms, the 45-90mm and 100-220mm. Schneider of Germany even made their 55mm Super Angulon Shift lens available in Bronica ETR fitting.

It’s been a working camera and shows in the overall condition. There are obvious signs of usage and wear on the kit. The body and 120 back have been cleaned and serviced. Gearing on the camera wind-on and film rollers in the back have been lubricated.


Teamwork 3 Month Warranty

Serial Number Body: 7320576

Serial Number 120 Back: 8186721


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