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Pre-Owned Schneider Kreuznach Apo-Symmar 210mm f5.6

Pre-Owned Schneider Kreuznach Apo-Symmar 210mm f5.6

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Pre-Owned Schneider Kreuznach Apo-Symmar 210mm f5.6 – Pristine Condition

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Pre-Owned Schneider Kreuznach Apo-Symmar 210mm f5.6

Pre-Owned Schneider Kreuznach Apo-Symmar 210mm f5.6 in pristine condition. The front and rear optics and the lens chassis are flawless. The internal paint within the rear element shows some flecking which is a fairly common issue with lenses of this type, but there is no discernible effect on image quality. The shutter speeds are all well timed.

This lens has been left with us by a trusted client, and we rarely see pre-owned equipment in such impressive and well-cared-for condition. We are excited and proud to be selling such beautiful and high-quality equipment!

The Schneider 210mm f/5.6 Apo-Symmar Lens is a slightly-long, all-purpose large format lens which gives the highest image reproduction quality possible in a broad range of applications. This lens is for use with 4×5 cameras or 5×7 cameras, and is ideal primary lens for those who prefer a somewhat longer focal length as their standard lens; upon 4×5, it renders a field of view similar to that of a 55mm lens upon a 35mm camera. The 75° angle of coverage permits generous shifts on both the 4×5 and 5×7 formats, which is very useful in architecture photography. It uses 77mm filters and has an 80mm diameter rear barrel, so it can be used with field cameras such as the Linhof Technika.

With large format equipment new or pre-owned, we always encourage  a personal demonstration to, so if you are interested in this lens and wondering whether it is right for you, and you want to assess the condition yourself, please reach out to arrange with one of our team.

Supplied with the following as sold to the original owner:

1 x Original Box

1 x Original Front Cap

1 x Original Rear Cap

1 x Copal-1 Shutter

Serial Number: 14764246


Supplied with 3 Month Warranty.

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