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Pre-Owned Phase One IQ3 80MP Digital Back

Pre-Owned Phase One IQ3 80MP Digital Back

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Pre-Owned Phase One IQ3 80MP Digital Back – Good Condition

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Pre-Owned Phase One IQ3 80MP Digital Back

Pre-Owned Phase One IQ3 80MP Digital Back in good condition. There are some signs of use on the bottom plate, but otherwise the back is in good cosmetic shape, and the usage (sub 9,000 actuations) is low. Value Added Warranty remaining until 22/9/2022.

The IQ3 80MP CCD digital back is a fantastic option for photography across a range of applications (particularly portraiture/still life/food/fine art/automotive/landscape/architecture), where lighting conditions are relatively controlled. The colour rendition at it’s base ISO of 50 is very highly regarded, and the ISO performance (though often said to be not viable past 200) is arguably very good all the way to the maximum 800, depending on how much grain is acceptable to the photographer.

With Phase One equipment new or pre-owned, we always encourage  a personal demonstration to, so if you are interested in this system and wondering whether it is right for you and what you’re looking to achieve, please reach out to arrange an introduction with one of our team.

Supplied with Phase One Storm Case (also in excellent condition) with F-Stop Modular Insert, Laptop Shade and accessory pockets, along with the following accessories as sold to the original owner:

2 x  3400mAh Phase One Li-Ion Batteries

1 x Hahnel Twin V Dual Charger

1 x Phase One 3m USB 3.0 Cable

1 x Sensor Cleaning Kit

Serial Numbers: IP001566


To find out more about the IQ3 Camera System, click HERE for the Phase One Interactive Manual.

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