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Arca Swiss D4 GP 870113 (Geared Panning Tripod Head )

Arca Swiss D4 GP 870113 (Geared Panning Tripod Head )

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These superb pan and tilt heads offer great build quality and exceptional strength. The D4 is the top of the range head with geared movements where as the D4m has manual movements.

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Arca Swiss D4 GP 870113 (Geared Panning Tripod Head )

The Arca Swiss D4 GP 870113 with it’s unique design and innovative construction has been further developed and enhanced with the addition of an optional gear driven self-locking panning device situated directly below the camera quick release.

This new upper geared panning device can also be set to a free movement mode for fast camera positioning or smooth continuous movement by simply pulling the panning knob outwards. To re-engaged the precise geared camera rotation push the panning knob inwards.


The head is small and compact, and the levers are arranged efficiently so they do not get in the way. On a tripod, the D4 Tripod Head can be used like a normal spherical head. This tripod head will accept either the classic Arca-Swiss standard type plates or the Arca-Swiss monoballFix type camera plates.



The head’s swiveling is equipped with a self-locking shock absorption feature, allowing for near total compensation of the camera’s weight. Another notable feature is the positioning of the spirit levels, which are located underneath the upper panorama adjustment and are arranged at a 90° angle. Both are sufficiently visible as to facilitate effective leveling, even from a low viewpoint.





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