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Gitzo fluid head, series 1

Gitzo fluid head, series 1

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Gitzo G2180 Fluid Head The G2180 is an extremely compact and low profile fluid head with a beautiful and ergonomic design Muted colors and reflectionfree surfaces offer good camouf…

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Gitzo G2180 Fluid Head. The G2180 is an extremely compact and low profile fluid head with a beautiful and ergonomic design. Muted colors and reflectionfree surfaces offer good camouflage in birdwatching and outdoor activities. This head is unique in offering a complete range of technical features combined with an exceptional size / weight to performance ratio. In order to achieve such a compact size and low weight.

G2180 – Main Advantages: Gitzo developed a new and unique technical compound named soulid 238®. This special techno polymer is 30% lighter than magnesium, but just as strong, with good vibration damping. The lightness and strength of soulid 238® make the G2180 the perfect combination of style and high tech materials. Besides exceptionally smooth movements, high quality engineering and assembly, the G2180 features a sophisticated, adjustable and highly accurate counterbalance system. The G2180 is fine tuned for use with medium sized spotting scopes, but is also ideal for DSLRs with long lenses and or compact DV camcorders.

Gitzo's a wide range of top quality tripods and heads were exported to more than 54 countries! In 1992, Gitzo became part of the Vitec Group – a multinational holding company specialized in supporting professional photographers, broadcasters and filmmakers. Gitzo's unfailing standards have helped to maintain the company's worldwide reputation for excellence in the photographic industry.


  • Length: 8.0 cm
  • Weight: 2.3 kg
  • Load capacity: 10.0 kg
  • SAFE GRIP – Safe Grip is a material that gives a safer lock between your camera and the head plate, preventing the camera from moving or slipping. It is used on quick release plates and in applications where the camera equipment is screwed to the support to reduce pivoting and twisting.
  • SEPARATE PAN CONTROL – When using a ball head, the ability to lock and unlock the panoramic movement independent of front-back or lateral tilt movements is convenient for panoramic photography and when a high level of control is required.
  • SEPARATE FRICTION CONTROL – By fine tuning the freedom of movement of the head, friction control makes the head slower and more precise or faster and looser. This feature also helps to make using heavy equipment or long lenses safer. On ball and fluid head models without separate friction controls, slowly adjusting the lock knobs gives similar results.
  • REVERSIBLE HANDLES – Handles can removed and repositioned or rotated in different positions. This feature greatly increases a headÌs versatility and is particularly appreciated by left handed users.
  • LEVELLING BUBBLE – The levelling bubble helps you to get your photographs, film or scope viewing perfectly horizontal or vertical. GitzoÌs production staff set all levelling bubbles by hand in order to ensure 100% accurate level indication.
  • DOUBLE QUICK RELEASE SAFETY SYSTEM – The system consists of two pins, one fixed and one manually operated by means of a button, that prevent camera equipment from suddenly dropping out of the head when the quick release locking knob is released. Extremely useful with heavy equipment, long lenses and spotting scopes.

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