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Manfrotto 468MGRC3 Hydrostatic Ball Head

Manfrotto 468MGRC3 Hydrostatic Ball Head

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Manfrotto 468 MGRC3 Hydrostatic Ball Head The Hydrostat is our most advanced ball head, designed to meet the demands of professional photographers for a lightweight, but at the sam…

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Manfrotto 468 MGRC3 Hydrostatic Ball Head. The Hydrostat is our most advanced ball head, designed to meet the demands of professional photographers for a lightweight, but at the same time heavy duty load capacity head. This model has similar features to our standard range of ball and socket heads, with independent pan and tilt locks, 360° pan and +90° / -90° tilt movement – but employs a revolutionary friction and locking mechanism. An inner oil chamber is compressed by turning the locking knob, exerting even pressure on the whole of the underside of the ball, which ensures sturdier locking and higher capacity… for camera and lens loads of up to 16kg. This head has a magnesium die cast body, a 2" Teflon coated aluminium ball which combined with specially designed tension surfaces provides movement as smooth as silk. A calibrated adjustable tension control allows you to preset the ball tension to suit your camera weight and give you fingertip control. The oversized lock knob is easier and quicker to find and turn. The second benefit of the liquid-based locking mechanism is that it all but eliminates unwanted movement during the locking phase. Completing this masterpiece, a graduated panoramic base and a long 357PL quick release sliding camera plate.

Manfrotto heads are separate from the tripod legs so that you can interchange them and pick the most suitable one for your purpose. The range of photo heads comprises Ball Heads (the fastest heads to adjust thanks to their single lock/unlock mechanism which releases the ball and socket joint to rotate on all axes); Three-Way Heads (characterised by the fact that the greater movement possible on each axis is separately controlled by individual locks for more secure support); Geared Heads (a Manfrotto invention designed primarily for studio use and offering millimeter-precise framing, ultra-safe support with greater load capacity); "Pan-And-Tilt" or Two-Way Heads (a crossover from the video sector, popular with users of long heavy lenses and sport optics.

The Manfrotto Group is a world leader in the design and manufacture of photographic and video camera supports, lighting supports and suspension equipment for professional photography, video, broadcast and cinematography.


  • very flexible camera positioning
  • "full optional" features
  • SUITABLE FOR: SLR cameras with very long or heavy fixed length or zoom lenses or Medium format cameras or SLR cameras with short and/or light fixed-length lenses
  • Height: 12cm
  • Weight: 0.80kg
  • Load Capacity: 16.0kg

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