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Upgrade from 50MP to 100MP

Upgrade from 50MP to 100MP

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Exclusive Promotional Upgrade from 50MP Digital Backs to IQ3 100MP.


Exclusive Promotional Upgrade from 50MP Digital Backs to IQ3 100MP.

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Upgrade from IQ1 50MP to IQ3 100MP, Upgrade from IQ2 50MP to IQ3 100MP, Upgrade from IQ3 50MP to IQ3 100MP

Upgrade from 50mp to 100mp

50 more megapixels – Increased Resolution & Detail

True 16-bit sensor – Increased color performance

Lower base ISO – Base ISO 50 vs 100

Full Frame Medium Format – Full frame 645 sensor

Electronic Shutter/ Electronic First Curtain

15 Stops Dynamic Range – Depth and detail

Upgrade from 50mp to 100mp

What are the benefits for my work?

Fashion/Beauty Photography

  • True focal length – No limitations to your field of view, WYSIWYG
  • Improved color depth – Increased color depth for skin tone nuance, accuracy and color detail
  • Mixed lighting benefits – Increased dynamic range and ISO flexibility in ambient + strobe photography scenarios

 Landscape Photography

  • True focal length – Take full advantage of Wide Angle lenses
  • Virtually noise free – Lower base ISO provides cleaner files
  • Longer Exposures – Lower base ISO provides exposure flexibility
  • Reduced camera vibration – Electronic Shutter and Electronic First Curtain reduce camera movement

Architectural Photography

  • Increased Detail – Higher resolution images
  • Technical Camera integration – Electronic Shutter simplifies operation
  • True focal length – Take full advantage of technical Wide-Angle lenses
  • Dynamic Range detail – Recovering highlights and shadows for indoor/outdoor lighting

Studio Still Life Photography

  • Increased Detail – Higher resolution images
  • Dynamic Range detail – Retaining shadow detail in controlled lighting
  • Color fidelity – Increased bit depth provides finer product color accuracy
  • Vibration free operation  – Electronic shutter and Electronic First Curtain eliminate camera movement

This offer is available on IQ1, IQ2 and IQ3 50MP units and the upgrade is to a new IQ3 100MP with 1 year warranty. The kit comes included with 2 batteries, Capture One Pro 12, and the relevant Focusing Screen for the XF camera system.

This is a limited offer, so get in touch for any more information, or to arrange a hands-on demo.

Upgrade from 50mp to 100mp


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