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Phase One XF IQ1 100MP Camera System – Promo

Phase One XF IQ1 100MP Camera System – Promo

£27,620.00 Excl. VAT £22,495.00 Excl. VAT

Includes: XF Camera Body, XF Prism Viewfinder, SK 80mm LS Lens, IQ1 100MP Back. These Promos are valid until 31st March 2018.

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Phase One IQ1 100MP Digital Back

Welcoming the IQ1 100MP to the family

With the ever-changing technology of digital photography, the constant pursuit of perfection is embodied in Phase One Digital Backs. The IQ1 100MP offers image quality only matched by its predecessor, the IQ3 100MP. Embracing robust build quality, reliability and a dedication to the Open Platform philosophy, the IQ1 100MP delivers the image quality you expect from Phase One.

100 Megapixel Resolution

Through a close working relationship with SONY, Phase One was the first to bring you the new standard in Medium Format photography, and continues to excel in taking sensor technology to a whole new level. The detail and render of the 100-megapixel CMOS sensor delivers unmatched image quality. Phase One’s dedication to imaging excellence is embodied in the IQ1 100MP Digital Back.

15 Stop Dynamic Range

Attention to detail doesn’t stop at resolution. The IQ1 100MP provides the same amazing imaging flexibility as the IQ3 100MP. With 15 stops of dynamic range, the abilities of the IQ1 100MP offer a versatility that is sure to inspire. From deep shadows to the most remote highlights, exploring seemingly endless depth and resolution, the IQ1 100MP dutifully recreates images just as you had envisioned.

16 Bit Color

Detail alone is never enough for the world’s most demanding photographers. The IQ1 100MP offers 16 bit color resolution to ensure that the detail provided across the 100 megapixels also delivers the most accurate and extensive color render possible. Providing more than 65,000 colors, the IQ1 100MP provides dependable color reproduction and faithful results.

Image Quality Dedication (IIQ)

Phase One’s relentless effort to provide imaging perfection is clear in the RAW images of the IQ1 100MP. Phase One’s proprietary IIQ file type is a testament to the dedication of Phase One’s imaging experts. The IIQ RAW file is designed in-house to ensure every possible quality characteristic the sensor can capture is flawlessly delivered in a single, efficient and lossless file.

Robust and Reliable Workflow

The robust build quality and established reliability of Phase One Digital Backs is matched only by their feature sets and proficient workflow. The IQ1 100MP offers features like real-time LiveView – to ensure that your composition is captured instantly and accurately with painstaking precision. The integrated Capture One Pro workflow, whether capturing to CF card or tethered directly to the computer, promises that the creative process remains undisturbed. With so many tools to aid creativity, the IQ 100MP establishes itself as an irreplaceable component of any photographic pursuit.

Specifications IQ1 100MP IQ1 80MP IQ1 50MP
Resolution 101 Megapixel 80 Megapixel 51 Megapixel
Sensor Format and Size 40.4mm x 53.7mm 40.4mm x 53.7mm 33mm x 44mm
Long Exposure 60 min. 2 min. 60 min.
16 bit Opticolor+ YES YES NO
Dynamic Range 15 f-stops 12.5 f-stops 14 f-stops
Sensitivity (ISO) 50 – 12800 35-800 100-6400
Sensitivity (ISO) – Long Exp. 50 – 12800 N/A 100-6400
Sensor+ (ISO) – 1/4 of total res. No Sensor+ 140-3200 No Sensor+
Lens Factor 1 1 1.3
Active Pixels 11608 x 8708 10328 x 7760 8280 x 6208
Pixel Size (micron) 4.6 x 4.6 5.2 x 5.2 5.3 x 5.3
Output image dim. 300 DPI 98.3 x 73.2 87.4 x 65.6 cm 70.1 x 52.6 cm
Output image dim. 600 DPI 49.1 x 36.9 43.7 x 32.8 cm 35.0 x 26.3 cm
Mount Options XF, DF+ and DF, Hasselblad H1 and H2 DF+ and DF, Hasselblad H1 and H2, Hasselblad V-series, Contax 645AF DF+ and DF, Hasselblad H1 and H2, Hasselblad V-series, Contax 645AF
3.2″ Touch Display YES YES YES
High Bandwidth Ports N/A N/A N/A
XF Body Powershare N/A N/A N/A
Wi-Fi 802.11 n N/A N/A N/A
Captures Per Second
Focal Plane (Full res.) 1.4 0.8 1.8
Focal Plane (Sensor+) N/A 1.1 N/A
Leaf Shutter (Full res.) 1.2 0.7 1.4
Leaf Shutter (Sensor+) N/A 1 N/A


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