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Phase One A-Series IQ3 100MP Trichromatic System

Phase One A-Series IQ3 100MP Trichromatic System

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Phase One A-Series IQ3 100MP Trichromatic System – A definitive moment of beauty and precision for fine art photography.

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The Phase One A3100 Trichromatic Kit is part of the A-Series system collaboration between Phase One and ALPA.

Phase One A-Series

The Phase One A-Series system uses Phase One digital backs, Rodenstock lenses and ALPA bodies. The A-Series builds on the products and technologies from each of the industry leaders. Each system has been individually configured with pre-loaded lens calibrations for Rodenstock ALPA 23mm, 35mm and 70mm lenses, making it easy to shoot great looking images out of the box.

Phase One A380 Kit

  • Phase One IQ3 100MP Trichromatic – Full Frame CMOS – 100MP
  • Alpa 12 TC – Black
  • Rodenstock Alpar 4.0/35mm
  • Capture One Pro 11
  • 5 Year Warranty

Edge-to-edge perfection

Each A-series lens delivers incredible edge-to-edge sharpness with the ability to perfectly resolve the quality of a full frame medium format sensor up to 100 megapixels.

The A-series lens collection has been specifically selected and factory calibrated to get the most out of each medium format sensor. The lenses range from ultra-wide 23mm, wide 35mm and all-round 70mm.

Exclusive A-series features

Lens Factory Calibration – Easier Than Ever

The new Phase One lens factory calibration is individually made for each A-series system allowing photographers to simply select the lens and start shooting.

Photographers familiar with having to manually create and apply LCC profiles will instantly know how big of an improvement this is; and for those who don’t know, A-series replaces the need to learn.

With A-series you simply start capturing medium format images without having to focus on anything else other than creating something truly great.

Capture Pilot 1.8 – Wireless Fun

For A-series we built a new version of Capture Pilot allowing you to check current selection of A-lens directly from your iOS device. Once images are captured, they are wirelessly displayed in Capture Pilot, allowing you to validate focus, exposure and composition.

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