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Pocket Wizard Multimax Transceiver

Pocket Wizard Multimax Transceiver

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Pocket Wizard Multimax Transceiver

The PocketWizard MultiMAX Transceiver is the WORLD’S most innovative and advanced Digital Radio Triggering system available in the photographic market. With such distinctive features such as integrated Trigger Time Control software, True Trigger Confirmation and Selective Quad Triggering only to mention a few, it’s no wonder the MultiMAX goes far beyond the expectations of wireless triggering.

The MultiMAX features Wireless Transceiver Technology, which eliminates the need for a separate transmitter and receiver setup. Each MultiMAX provides the capability to send and/or receive digital signaling by a flip of a switch, similar to personal communicators. Among many advantages, a photographer can select between a transmitter or receiver mode as shooting assignments change.

The MultiMAX is the only radio system that offers True Trigger Confirmation feedback, up to 1600 feet away or more, without the need for signal repeaters or daisy-chained radios. Selecting which camera or flash zone fires is as easy as pressing a button in "Selective Quad Triggering" mode. The MultiMAX automatically confirms radio triggering on every zone simultaneously, with immediate visual and audible feedback on the MultiMAX (set for transmitter).

Using the optional Flash Confirmation Cable, the transmitter receives a visual and audible confirmation signal, indicating that a triggered flash actually fired, reassuring the photographer that everything is working from the camera position.

Utilizing LPA Design’s patented microprocessor and software technology, the MultiMAX comes loaded with "Trigger Time Control" software. Used independently or with another PocketWizard, the MultiMAX provides several unique advanced tools for the working professional, all in one small package. With the "Trigger Time Control" software, it’s easy and very convenient to create rear curtain sync effects with any camera, add depth of field using multi-pop mode, record events as they unfold using the intervalometer mode and much more.

– PLUS –
As with all PocketWizard Digital Radio Receivers, the PocketWizard MultiMAX is fully compatable with Sekonic’s new L-608 and L-358 exposure meters configured with the plug-in digital radio transmitter module. Now, you can trigger electronic flash units and/or cameras with your Sekonic L-608 or L-358 meter and PocketWizard Digital Radio Receivers. Welcome to Digital Wireless Freedom!


Wireless Transceiver Technology
The MultiMAX provides the capability to send or receive digital signaling by a flip of a switch, eliminating the need for a separate transmitter and receiver. Easy to read backlit LCD panel indicates which mode the MultiMAX is set for in all lighting conditions.

True Trigger Confirmation
Because the MultiMAX is a true transceiver, it can automatically confirm radio triggering. Radio triggering confirmation status is indicated on the MultiMAX’s (set for Transmitter mode) display panel, up to 1600 feet away or more in all Quad-Triggering zone.

Selective Quad-Triggering
Provides the photographer with the convenience to activate or deactivate electronic flash units and or cameras wirelessly in four separately controllable zones (ABCD) without ever leaving the camera position.

Digital Radio Technology
The MultiMAX incorporates microprocessor controlled full digital communication with built-in selectable 32 complex (16/24 bit) digitally coded channels.

More than just a radio slave, the MultiMAX offers advanced features that make today’s incredible images possible.

Rear Curtain Sync
Allows the photographer to delay the sync time to fire the electronic flash unit near the end of the exposure with precision of 1/10,000th of a second. Pre-programmed shutter speeds of 1 second to 1/60th of a second are easily selectable. Custom delay settings are possible through the MultiMax’s delay time adjustment screen.

Precision Delays
In transmit mode it offers custom set delay times for remote units and or port 2 on the MultiMAX. In receiver mode, precision delay offers delay sequencing or camera/flash synchronization.

MultiPop (Mulitple Flash Exposures)
Provides unattended control of your flash exposures for multi-pops or exposures up to 10,000 flash exposures. Automatically triggers flash units for the desired number of exposures, then waits for the required electronic flash recycling time (user settable), from 1/100th sec. to 10 minutes.

Photograph events as they unfold with the desired number of exposures, up to 10,000 exposures and time interval required up to 17 hours 46 minutes.

Provides sequential triggering for up to 4 camera’s or 4 electronic flash units. The SpeedCycler is ideal for multi-angle camera shots or reducing recycle time by triggering the next flash in line, while the previous flash is charging, for faster motor driven flash photography assignments. The SpeedCycler mode is a big help for on-location shoots with battery-powered electronic flash. With four PocketWizard MultiMax transceivers connected to the motor ports of the cameras, the SpeedCycler mode wirelessly triggers up to four camera’s sequentially, effectively quadrupling frames per second.

Lag Time Equalizer
This feature measures the actual time it takes from the moment the motor driven camera is activated to the time the shutter is open. The Lag Time Equalizer software, measures the delay of your motor driven camera with fine precision accuracy of 1/10,000th sec. resolution, assists the photographer in calibrating another camera, electronic flash unit or both for simultaneous triggering and exposure synchronizing.

Relay Mode
In this mode the MultiMAX acts as both a transmitter and a receiver triggering both your camera and flash from up to 1600 feet away without an inch of wire. Upon receiving a signal from a remote transmitter, the on camera receiver instantaneously switches to transmit mode and sends a signal to fire the remote flash units in sync with the remote camera.

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) panel with backlight illumination button. Alphanumeric screens with icons: battery status, channel selected, mode selected, audible status and radio frequency lock indicators.

Illuminated soft-touch rubberized keypad. Includes test, zone (ABCD), up/down, menu and backlight keys. A key lock feature prevents inadvertent setting changes and "KEYPAD LOCKED" appears on the screen if any keys are pressed while in keypad lock mode.
The optional "Flash Confirmation Cable" indicates that a triggered remote flash actually fired. By utilizing a shielded high intensity light sensor, which only remains active during the brief radio transmitting time, it confirms only if the attached flash fired or not. Flash confirmation status is sent to the attached receiver and in return sent back to the transmitter. A visual confirmation icon appears on the LCD screen confirming whether the flash fired on all four Quad-Triggering zones.
(Cat.# 802-451 Int’l.# PW-CC)AC ADAPTER
For continuous use of PocketWizard Transmitters and Receivers without the need of batteries.
(Cat.# 804-105 Int’l.# PW-AC-2)

PocketWizard MultiMAX Specifications:

Range: 1600 feet or more
Frequency: 344MHz (Standard Triggering)
346.5-354MHz (Quad-Triggering)
Code: Complex 16/24 bit digitally coded signals
Channels: 32 Digitally coded ID#’s
16 Original Classic Channels
16 Quad-Triggering Channels
Synch Speed: Up to 1/250 (focal plane)
Up to 1/500 (leaf shutter)
Up to 1/1000 (Fast Mode)
Batteries: 2-AA batteries 150 hour life
AC Adapter: Optional AC adapter Cat# 804-105 (PW-AC-2)
3 VDC unregulated, 0.3 A (300 milliamp) or higher
4.5 VDC regulated, 0.2 A (200 milliamp) or higher, (recommended)
Housing: Custom molded high impact plastic with captive battery door

5.4 ounces (w/ alkaline batteries)

Dimensions: Height: 4.0" (body only)
Flexible Antenna: 2.4"
Width: 2.1"
Depth: 1.4"
Input/Output: 3.5mm (1/8") mono miniphone jack
Operating Temperature: Above -15° C (5° F) and below 50° C (120° F)
Maximum Input Voltage: 250 VDC
Camera/Port 1: 0.5 A (1/2Amp), current limited
Flash/Port 2: 4.0 A for 0.00002 seconds (1/50000 seconds or 20 microseconds)
0.25 A (1/4 Amp or 250 milliamp) continuous, current limited
Voltage Present: For Port 1 and Hot Shoe = 3.3 VDC, 0.001 A
(1/1000 Amp or 1 milliamp), regulated
Trigger Threshold: Less than 2.2 volts
Mounting: Hot Shoe, ¼-20 female threads, lanyard and Velcro
Time Settings
Contact Time: 640.00 seconds or 10 minutes, 40 seconds (min .01 sec)
Delay Time:


6.4000 seconds (min .0001 sec)

Intervalometer: 64000 seconds or 17 hours, 46 minutes, 40 seconds (min 1 sec)
MultiPop: 640.00 seconds or 10 minutes, 40 seconds (min .01 sec)
Accuracy: Timing is repeatable within ± 1/10,000th of a second
Counter: 9999 triggers (min 0)
Preset Rear Curtain Delays:

1, 1/2,1/4, 1/8, 1/15, 1/30 and 1/60th shutter speed

Standard Accessories:

PC-1 camera synch cable, lanyard, velcro and 2-alkaline batteries

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