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Profoto D4 1200 Studio Generator kit

Profoto D4 1200 Studio Generator kit

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The Profoto D4 is a culmination of over a decade of research, planning, and development, offering photographers a complete professional lighting system cap…

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The Profoto D4 is a culmination of over a decade of research, planning, and development, offering photographers a complete professional lighting system capable of results no other flash system can achieve. The perfect blend of tradition with modern technology and micro electronics, this hybrid solution offers features and advantages that all professionals can benefit from.The D4 products are the most universal flash devices yet produced by Profoto.

The unique ergonomic design combines the positive feel of mechanical knobs and switches with the precision of electronic technologies. This combination allows for precise control in 1/10 f-stop increments, all with digitally controlled output, insuring that flash and colour temperature remain consistent every time.

Four independent outlets provide true asymmetric operation with the turn of a dial. Working with one D4 generator is like using four separate flash packs. Over an 8 f/stop range, the Profoto D4 gives photographers the ability to adjust the light from the control panel, without the need for unplugging and re-plugging lamp heads. All this control while being compatible to a comprehensive array of Profoto heads and the huge range of Profoto accessories.

Auxiliary functions such as sequence, delay and intervalometer, make tricky lighting setups simple. With these features, photographers can select the number of flashes, the amount of time between each flash, as well as an initial delay, all from the generator in a straight forward way.

The Profoto D4 comes supplied with a software package that provides full control of up to 127 generators from a single computer via USB connections. So whether shooting film or digital, the entire production can be orchestrated from one place. Adjusting power, modeling light, as well as the auxiliary functions can be completed with the click of a mouse. Individual lamp heads can be turned on/off rightfrom the computer screen. Control has never been simpler.

Profoto D4 generators

This new flash generator from Profoto is the perfect combination of digital precision and versatility with analogue control and reliability. This gives you the immense possibilities of computer technology and the logical handling of a classic instrument. D4 generators grow with your demands. They are suited to all kinds of sophisticated photography such as still life, interior, people and product shots.

Advanced functions

In producing the next generation of flash, design goals were set to give the pack a look and feel of the sophisticated, precise working tool it was conceived to be. From its sleek and ergonomic shape to its responsive controls, the Profoto D4 offers microprocessor regulation for consistent output,whether you work from the pack or control it from your computer. Even though D4 generators offer the most advanced functions, they are easy to use and almost self explanatory.

Full direct control

Designed from the ground up with the commercial photographer in mind, the all-new, digital Profoto D4 flash generators set the standard for consistency and control. The four channel asymmetric system allows direct control of each lamp head. Each head is controlled by a separate knob with a corresponding high contrast LED display. Simply working with one D4 generator is effectively the same as using four independent flash units. By rotating the knob, 1/10 f-stop adjustments are made. If the knob is pressed down while rotating, full f-stop adjustments give the photographer unsurpassed control over an eight f-stop range. In addition, the energy can be asymmetrically distributed over a broad range. When the light setup is created, the power ratio can be individually controlled for each lamp headby using any of the four separate power controls. For adjusting the total exposure after the correct ratio is set, all channels (power settings) on the generator can be changed simultaneously by holding down the master button and turning any one of the lamp head controls in use.

Making overall output changes fast and easy

The individual LED displays for each channel can be set by the user to display the flash power in Ws or in relative f-stops and always show the real output. In the Ws mode,the display indicates the actual watt second output for each individual head. If you prefer, output can be expressed in f-stops, with 100% power being equal to 10 on the scale. With the reduction of one f-stop in power, the display reads 9. Likewise, a 1/10 f-stop increase would read 9.1 and so on. And thanks to the microprocessor-controlled output, you can be sure that each head will produce exactly the amount of light you want each and every time.

Perfect performance

Short flash duration and fast recycling are inherent in the design of a Profoto generator. The D4 1200 has a flash duration from 1/7500–1/1000 s and recycling times from 0.07–1.20 sec. The D4 2400 offers flash durationsfrom 1/4500 to 1/600 s and recycling times from 0.09 to 2.20 sec. The D4 4800 has a flash duration from 1/2700–1/350 sec and recycling time from 0.12–4.40 s. In addition, from flash to flash and over the entire power range, no shifts of the colour temperature or f-stop will occur – even if four heads are used. This guarantees accurate, consistent results for all analogue and digital shots. In the range of 90–240 V/50–60 Hz, the D4 generators will automatically adjust themselves to the mains voltage; only the modeling lamps need replacing.

Thanks to the 4 independent outputs, many jobs can be donewith just one generator – a comfortable solution for the “pro-on-the-go”. No matter what and where you shoot, with a Profoto D4 you’ll always have the ideal tool. And because of their solid construction and the use of high quality components, these packs are real workhorses, something you can trust in. Profoto D4’s are true all-around generators.

Digital photography

Digital imaging offers many advantages to the modern day photographer. The immediate feedback and satisfaction of seeing the image on the screen moments after the camera is fired allows the photographer to know instantly whether or not the goal has been achieved.

Colour stability

With this reward comes additional responsibilities. With the photographer now producing a file, once the responsibility of a scanning service lab, they must also do everything possible to achieve accurate and consistent colour for their clients. Whether images will be used in a catalogue, with several others on the same page, or in a fashion layout, accuracy and repeatability of colour is a must. With scanning, the operator was able to make adjustments to maintain consistency from image to image. Since the technician was usually not present during the photo shoot, they used their interpretation and experience to judge the colour. In today’s high-tech, precise world, many clients and photographers are looking for more. Digital photography takes the guesswork away from a technician and puts the responsibility back on the photographer’s shoulders.

F-stop stability

With multi-shot digital cameras, using either a moving CCDor rotating filter to shoot three or more consecutive images, which are later compiled by the computer to create a single colour image, consistency from flash-to-flash is critical.These cameras capture red, green, and blue as separate layers to create the full-colour image. Should one of the exposures vary in density, the correct colour will not be achieved when the computer generates the final file. With single-shot digital cameras, pixels on the sensor are colouredusing red, green, and blue dyes. Therefore during a single exposure incomplete colour data is recorded. When the computer processes the data it makes judgments (“interpolation”) based on the information provided and fills in the blanks. Consistency in output and colour temperature from exposure to exposure is the only way to ensure high quality digital images.

Consistency from all heads

Some high-quality flash systems can achieve this when using only one head at a time. Problems arise when multiple heads are used asymmetrically during the same exposure. The new Profoto D4 uses hybrid technologies and the latest advances in microprocessor design to ensure that light output and colour remain constant flash-to-flash, day-to -day, year-to-year, regardless of the number of heads used and over the entire power range. Advanced Computer Control With the D4, all the operations of up to 127 packs can be controlled through a single computer, all with the click of a mouse using a menu designed like the top panel of the generator.

Delivered with

Syncro cable
Power cable


– Four individually controlled channels with full asymmetric
– Direct control of all functions – 8 f-stop power range for precise control in 1/10 f-stop increments
– Unique ergonomic design
– Highest power stability from flash-to-flash; no f-stop shifts
– Constant colour temperature flash-to-flash and over the entire power range – regardless of the number of flash heads used
– Innovative special functions, all logically controlled
– Optimal, repeatable results with analogue AND digital photography
– Comfortable computer control via USB connection
– Extensive range of Light Shaping Tools and accessories


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