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Lee 100mm Starter Kit

Lee 100mm Starter Kit

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The Lee 100 Starter kit is one of the best ways to get started using filters in your photography.


Holds three filters – allowing photographers to pack their preferred resin set when heading out on location. The pockets are wide enough to carry holders and adaptor rings. The pouch features belt loops on the back.

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Lee 100mm Starter Kit

The LEE 100mm Starter Kit has a ready-assembled filter holder that comes as standard. Also included in the kit is a 0.6 ND hard grad, Coral 3 Grad filter, cleaning cloth and triple pouch.

The ProGlass filters are designed to cut out more infrared and UV light than the standard versions. The result? A cleaner, crisper result, with fewer colour aberrations when shooting in challenging light. Also included in the kit is a 0.6 ND hard grad, cleaning cloth and triple pouch.

The 0.6 ND Hard Grad filter features a hard transition from dark to light and reduces exposure by 2 stops without affecting colour balance. With this in mind, you can darken parts of a scene that might be too bright, for instance the sky, to create a more eye-catching image without affecting the foreground (darker parts of the scene). The Coral 3 Grad Hard comes with an extended coloured portion. This can be used as both a graduate and an all over warm up filter. Supplied with the triple pouch. This is surely one of the the best ways to get started with using filters in your photography.


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