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Seitz Roundshot Livecam D2

Seitz Roundshot Livecam D2



Up to 66 million pixel resolution, 2x screen size (2x full HDTV!)

A seamless panorama of up to 360° without stitching in a matter of a few seconds 


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Up to 66 million pixel resolution, 2x screen size (2x full HDTV!)
A seamless panorama of up to 360° without stitching in a matter of a few seconds 
Professional image quality: 9 f-stops dynamic range, vivid colours, state-of-the-art Roundshot image algorithms
Simple installation (ethernet / WLAN)
360° camera in waterproof case, including all connection cables and programs
Option FTP + web hosting for installations with high traffic load (for example tourism)
Option remote maintenance via internet for a completely worry-free operation
Ideal for tourism, communications / PR or for documentation (for example construction sites)

An image quality that makes you feel to be there yourself

The panorama (of up to 360°) has such a high definition that it is possible to see even the smallest detail in the image. The digital sensor was developed specifically for photography applications and allows a high dynamic range and vivid colours (allowing details in the sky/clouds as well as in the foreground). The Roundshot Livecam applies the same image algorithms as they are used in our high-end panorama cameras – to the benefit of the image quality.
With our new function "full screen" you feel to be there yourself! The "full screen" feature loads the full image resolution (up to 2x full HDTV!) at a simple click of a button. "Full screen" is part of our FTP and web hosting service.
The new Roundshot Livecam is equipped with a very sensitive RGB scanning sensor which makes it possible to capture the full 360° panorama in a matter of a few seconds.
Thanks to this high sensitivity and speed, the high dynamic range of the sensor (9 f-stops) and the Seitz image optimisation technology it is possible to capture images full of beauty from early morning dawn until late night sunset. 

Communicate with the image

Why is the image quality of the webcam so important?
The internet is the communications channel of the future. Current web trends show that the internet user avoids text passages and focuses entirely on animated images.
A high resolution panorama in ultimate quality combined with attractive Livecam functions is modern, always up-to-date and generates significant website traffic.
Show the full beauty of your environment – in 2x full HD quality!


Your own independent professional photographer

The Livecam works fully automatic and is the most productive professional photographer you could possibly engage. It is designed as an independent system that can directly host your Livecam webpage on the internet. Alternatively, it can be integrated into your network or forward images and data via FTP to a fast internet access point. Ask us for our new FTP and webhosting service!

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