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Profoto A1 Series


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  • Profoto a1 bounce card
    £30.83 Excl. VAT

    Profoto A-Series Bounce Card

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    The Bounce Card for the A1 on-camera flash is used when you’re bouncing the flash off a surface such as the ceiling to create a softer, less direct look overall. However, there may be a need to provide a fill light on the subject. Using a Bounce Card pushes light on the subject ensuring that the lighting as a whole has both a soft and directional look. Available for pre-order.
    £30.83 Excl. VAT
    £30.83 Excl. VAT
  • Profoto a1 soft bounce
    £130.40 Excl. VAT

    Profoto A1 Soft Bounce

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    The Soft Bounce for the A1 on-camera flash is perfect for creating a soft, flattering light, or in situations where there is no surface to bounce from, or if you’d like a more directional look than can be achieved by bouncing from a ceiling. Easy to handle, it clicks onto the magnetic mount and is stackable, so it can be used in combination with other A1 Light Shaping Tools. Available for Pre-order.
    £130.40 Excl. VAT
    £130.40 Excl. VAT

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