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  • Phaseone35mmls 1
    £5,700.00 Excl. VAT

    Schneider Kreuznach 35mm LS f/3.5 Lens

    The Schneider Kreuznach 35mm LS lens is designed for ultimate quality wide angle imaging on medium format 645 format. This is a true architectural quality lens, challenged only by dedicated technical camera lenses. The professional choice for wide-angle, providing quality in both flash and daylight shooting.
    £5,700.00 Excl. VAT
    £5,700.00 Excl. VAT
  • Sel35f28z 1
    £565.50 Excl. VAT

    Sony Sonnar T* FE 35mm F2.8 ZA Lens

    Available as Special Order Full Frame sharp, wide and bright Perfect for wide-angle shooting and close-ups, this bright 35mm prime lens from ZEISS delivers outstanding edge-to-edge image quality.  
    £565.50 Excl. VAT
    £565.50 Excl. VAT

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