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Arca-Swiss Tripod Heads Compared

Arca-Swiss Tripod Heads Compared
24th May 2018 Al Simmons


Arca-swiss tripod heads compared

There are basically four different tripod head series in the Arca Swiss range: Cube, D4, Z and P. Each of them have their own unique design, and are perfected for specific applications. As far as Arca Swiss see it, a tripod head should suit your working style and not vice versa. Here is a run down of the different choices:

P Series

The P series differs from standard ball head design in that the ball head has been turned upside down, and also in that the locking knob has been replaced by a locking ring. Both of these features are designed so that the ball head can be operated more conveniently with one hand.

Z Series

Due to the aspherical sphere, the Arca-Swiss ball head is unique to all other ball heads. When you adjust a “normal” ball head, the ball head immediately tilts with the camera on it. With the Z series, the more a camera is moved off-center, the stronger the counter forces act, making it a much more secure design.

D4 Series

The D4 3-way head allows for the X and Y  axis to be operated separately or together, through fluid or geared movements. The centre distances have been reduced, the pivot points are closer to the centre than those of other 3-way geared heads.

Cube Series

The Cube is extremely robust and durable, enabling extremely fine corrections and intuitive operation thanks to its self-locking gear. A very solid option ideally suited for architecture, landscape and panoramic photography.


We have the range of Arca Swiss options available at Teamwork, so drop in to demo for yourself.

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