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Using the IQ4 with Technical Cameras

Using the IQ4 with Technical Cameras
14th November 2018 Al Simmons

The Backside-Illuminated sensor in the IQ4 150MP digital back has benefits across the board in providing better low light sensitivity, greater accuracy in the colour range and cleaner details in shadows, but users of technical cameras will experience major advantages when it comes to using shift movements on their systems. Because the electrical wiring is no longer in front of the sensor, this reduces the Colour Cast previously seen with higher resolution digital backs.

We wanted to put it to the test, so at the first opportunity we took the IQ4 150MP out with the Cambo WRS-1600 and Rodenstock 40mm HR lens.

Below are the images, and respective Lens Cast Calibration files, throughout the range of shift movements (to the maximum +20mm). They are all without any processing (other than the applied LCC), and were shot using the Electronic Shutter, Live View, Focus Peaking, Exposure Simulation, and the new RAW Histogram overlay in the IQ4 to judge the exact exposure in the RAW file.


0mm Shift:



0mm lcc 1


+5mm Shift:



5mm lcc 1


+10mm Shift:



10mm lcc 1


+15mm Shift:



15mm lcc 1


+20mm Shift:



20mm lcc 1


Along with the improvements in Live View, and the additional features to aid in composition and exposure, all of these were captured using the developed Black Reference tool in the IQ4. There is no more involuntary waiting around for Black References when exposure is changed, the IQ4 has pre-stored references so improve the speed (and experience) of shooting with Technical Cameras. Added to all of these is the higher resolution LCD display, with pinch zoom, so you can more quickly see that everything is pin sharp. Saying this, having extensively tested the Focus Mask feature, this can be relied upon to provide you with accurate sharpness. With all these features, the process of shooting with Technical Cameras is even more enjoyable, and offers even more control, with the IQ4 150MP.

Contact us here if you wish to see the RAW files for yourself, and we will be happy to send over, along with other images from our initial test.

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