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Teamwork Digital’s Products of 2015 – Tenba Cooper Bags

Teamwork Digital’s Products of 2015 – Tenba Cooper Bags
6th January 2016 Steve Martin

Late in 2015, we had the pleasure to get acquainted with a great new product from Tenba. The Tenba Cooper range of messenger style canvas bags.

Tenba Cooper BagsThere are so many camera bags out there to choose from, that yet another one almost gets lost in the crowd. We believe that the Tenba Cooper range really stand out.

For starters, they are beautifully made. The main material that the bag is made from has a wax-cotton type exterior. Combined with the leather base and trim construction they conspire to provide a very durable, water repellent bag. They have also add a silver/black reversible weather-wrap in a little pouch for when it gets really nasty out there.

If you don’t want to use it as a camera bag then you can remove the whole inside partition in one go and you have a holdall for all occasions and because of that “messenger” style it doesn’t necessarily look like a camera bag either.

To top it all, the Tenba Cooper has a neat trick up its sleeve in the guise of “silent velcro”. If you need to get that essential something out of the bag, but need to be discreet, for example at a wedding or in a lecture hall, you can pull the flap down and the velcro will unhook itself quietly and without the traditional ripping noise usually associated with this style of fastening.

The Tenba Cooper range are in stock and on display in store at Teamwork Digital so please come and have look or just click to buy!

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