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Kilian O'Sullivan uses the Phase One IQ260

Kilian O'Sullivan uses the Phase One IQ260
5th February 2015 Steve Martin

Battersea Power Station CCrainArchitectural photographer and Teamwork Digital customer Kilian O’Sullivan has recently been asked to photograph and document the redevelopment of Battersea Power Station. This part of the brief concerned the removal for restoration of the two large loading cranes (of which there use to be 3!).

What Was Needed

To ensure that I got the shots I needed for the Battersea Power Station Development Company, I wanted to be sure I had the best exposure latitude available in a digital capturing device. The resolution required by my client for this project also meant that my Phase One P45+ Digital Back and Canon DSLR would not be suitable for the job. Battersea Power Station CCrain

What Kilian Did

So, I contacted Teamwork Digital and asked what the current solutions available were. Having carefully considered the new Phase One IQ250 with it’s CMOS sensor and the Phase One IQ280 with it’s 80 megapixel captures, I decided to run with the Phase One IQ260, due to it’s larger CCD size and the fact that having done some tests with my existing lenses, I was still able to get a full range of movements on my Arca Swiss F-Line technical camera.Battersea Power Station CCrain

Working with the Phase One IQ260

Having collected the correct tools for the job, I was able to work tetherless on site, using the wifi connectivity and an iPad to check focus, white balance and rate his images on the fly. The touch screen on the IQ260 and the unique Phase One four button interface is extremely intuitive and easily allowed me to navigate the system. Even though the RAW files are 20 megabytes bigger than my previous digital back, preview images load much faster when viewed and zoomed in for accurate checking of details.Battersea Power Station CCrain The live preview facility has a knack to it and I am sure in future it will help me focus, but on this trip, it was invaluable for good composition and enabled me to work faster and get the shots I wanted, enhancing the creative opportunities that I was able to shoot and offer my client. With the screen on most of the time the unit was a little power hungry and I am glad I took the option to pick up some additional 3400 mAh batteries for the back. This ensured I was not left on set waiting to get that last shot with no juice.Battersea Power Station CCrain


Once back in the studio reviewing the RAW files on a professional LCD screen, the great detail and colour was clear to see. The auto import feature seamlessly integrated into my workflow. Information from the IQ260 digital back that was applied during capture is read by Capture One Pro 8 software, allowing the images to be viewed exactly as they were when I shot them.Battersea Power Station CCrain The 14 stop exposure latitude of the files is amazing, and likewise the resolution. There is a vast amount of superb detail captured that makes the pictures stronger and allow a vast range of output opportunities.Battersea Power Station CCrain I look forward to continuing this project over the coming years and know that, with the IQ260, I will get the shots I want and the ones my client is expecting.

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