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Using the Lee Filters Universal Bellows Hood in Cape Verde

Using the Lee Filters Universal Bellows Hood in Cape Verde
29th August 2014 Moses

It is funny how in the photographic field that you can rediscover a product. An accessory that you may have used in earlier days but for some reason, over time, you just stopped bothering with.

The Lee Universal Bellows Hood

I’ve just come back from a great walking holiday in Cape Verde where I knew that the landscape would require the use a number of Lee filters. I also knew that the type of light could be difficult and that combining the camera manufacturers specific lens hood with the Lee filters does not really work. So, I chose the Lee filters Universal Bellows Hood (2 filter slots).

The Build and Design

The Lee universal bellows hood has been around for many years and there is something slightly “old school” about it’s design. By that I mean that it is well made and assembled in a fashion that ensures that it is rigid and firm once it is in place. Unlike a lot of other compendium/bellows hoods the Lee allows the user to make further adjustments than just the normal extension and retraction. You can also tilt the top/bottom axis or the side axis of the hood. This allows you to almost “flag out” the area where the source of the flare is coming from. This design feature is not very often commented upon and yet it is such a clever function.

It is supplied in the Lee’s normal slim rugged black pouch into which I also managed to squeeze two grad filters in order to try and save space. I found the unit to be stable and intuitive in terms of use. It is true that a little more care is required to avoid the hood encroaching into the picture area but I found the process straight forward and I now use it in preference to the standard holder.

The Lee Filters Universal Bellows Hood is available to order from Teamwork Digital.

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Comments (2)

  1. Rachel 3 years ago

    Can you tell me if the Lee little stopper and big stopper 100mm filters can be used with the filter slots in Lee universal bellows hood 2 filter slot version?

    • Moses Daanwi 3 years ago

      Dear Rachel

      It should work perfectly well.



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