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Bowens Trade In Offer

Bowens Trade In Offer
16th May 2013 Steve Martin

Until 31st August 2013, we at Teamwork Digital are able to offer you a Bowens trade in promotion that could see you save £500 on the latest generator, a brand new Bowens Creo 2400.

Bowens Trade In

This offer will allow you to trade in any generator, regardless of its make or condition, to Teamwork Digital and in return we will reduce the price of the latest Creo from Bowens. This state of the art, excellent quality generator is extremely competitively priced of it’s own accord, but along with our Bowens trade in promotion, it truly is an offer not to be missed!

The Creo 2400 professional power pack boasts specifications that, until now, could only be found on the most expensive packs. These include:

  • Ultra fast recycling: 0.9 sec at full power
  • Up to 8 flashes per second at low power settings
  • 1/1500th Flash duration full power or the fastest duration of 1/7700th at lower power setting
  • 9 F-stop range with 1/10th stop control
  • Colour Stability +/- 180k from 5600k
  • Multi voltage, fan cooled for intense working, option of radio trigger and Remote Control and much more…

We are now pleased to be offering these incredible new generators for just £2575* as part of our Bowens trade in offer. Not only will this provide you with the latest Bowens Creo generator, but it also provides a convenient way for you to dispose of your old or possibly broken generators!

There’s even more…

It is always best to operate a new generator with the most up to date heads and our Bowens trade in offer extends to these as well!

What better way to compliment your brand new Bowens Creo 2400 generator than with the latest Bowens Quad heads. When purchased along with our Bowens trade in offer, we are lowering our prices of BW-7760 Creo head to just £453*, which works out at a 25% discount on the Recommended Retail Price!

To take advantage of our Bowens trade in promotion, all you need to do is contact us at Teamwork Digital either contact us through our website, via email or by calling our sales office on 020 7323 6455.

All for just as little as £92.59* per month

Based on a three year lease, with the Bowens trade in offer, you can own your brand new Bowens Creo 2400 for just £92.59* per month. There are many benefits to purchasing equipment from Teamwork Digital through Photolease. Please see the Finance page on our website for more details.

*Excluding VAT

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