Ultra Pearl 295

The all-new Ultra Pearl paper as part of the PermaJet Oyster family offers a microporous surface that no other paper can match. Designed to emulate a traditional photo lab type pearl finish and with a substantial weight of 295gsm to match, this inkjet paper will have great appeal to many types of user.

Some remarkable properties will make this everyone's favourite stock paper...

  • IPL (Image Protection Layer) Technology - The surface is specially coated to make scratch and water resistance exceed all others.
  • Anti-Scan Properties - The special enhanced Pearl texture has been formulated to make images extremely difficult to scan and so image copyright can be retained.
  • Photographic Texture and Weight -This paper has been 18 months in the making to create a beautiful Pearl finish lilke no other. Colour vibrancy and sharpness is remarkable on its ultra white base.

Suitable for all Inkjet Printers!

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