Lee X-Pro Sized ND Filters

Controlling light

These filters reduce light transmission uniformly over the visible region of the spectrum, in definitive steps. Although used mainly in colour photography for reducing light levels without colour change, they can also be used for black and white photography. They are particularly useful for compensating for too much light, in circumstances where changing the shutter speed, aperture or film type is not possible or desirable. For example, exposure time can be increased to achieve special effects when photographing running water and waterfalls etc., without adjusting the aperture. In addition, the depth of field can be reduced by increasing the aperture by the stop value of the filter used. For example, if the aperture is required is f4, yet correct exposure is at f8 and the speed cannot be changed, a 0.6ND filter will allow an aperture of f4 to be used.

The maximum density available in Lee Neutral Density filters is 0.9 ND/3 stops, for anything that requires a much stronger density, we would recommend B+W screw in ND filters which offer much higher densities.

Please note that Lee filters do not make a filter holder to accept 130 x 130 x 3mm filters. These filters are designed to fit the X-Pro filter system from Cokin.

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