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Phase One Offers: 

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Upgrade Hasselblad H1/H2 Body & Lenses to Phase One 645 DF & Lenses

Phase One wish to offer you the opportunity to upgrade your Hasselblad H1 or H2 camera system at 1/2 price to a Phase One 645 DF system. 

This offer includes lenses. e.g. Hasselblad H1/H2 Body to Phase One 645 DF  or Hasselblad HC 120 mm to Phase One 110 mm LS - 


You as a Photographer has an H3D-II 50; 35mm; 50mm and 150mm lenses, and wants to trade-up to a 645DF IQ180 system.

IQ180 Value Added 

Trade-in H 50MP back –  (50MP = 50% of list price as trade-in value)

645DF with SK 80mm LS lens 

Trade-in H3D body, prism and HC 80mm lens 

This new promotional pricing is available until further notice.




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