Phase One IQ1 Digital Backs

Phase One IQ Digital Backs 


Touch the Future

The Phase One IQ camera system is the first step into the intuitive future. The 4-button navigation is now complemented by touch screen navigation, providing complete intuitive control of the Phase One IQ digital back.

New technology means more options, but the Phase One solution is always focused on performance, quality and stability. Digital photography has never provided more options.

The Phase One IQ Range will easily reproduce scenes with extreme tonal range and details in one shot from a full 12.5 f-stop dynamic range.

Enjoy the seamless compatibility between Phase One digital focal plane lenses or Schneider Kreuznach leaf shutter lenses and the Phase One 645 DF camera body, which in conjunction with the Phase One IQ Digital backs will provide the optimal solution for the demanding photographer.

The fantastic new range of IQ digital backs from Phase One has now been officially announced! For End user that purchased a new Phase One back between Photokina and today, the Price Protection Guarantee is now in place, meaning they can claim back 90% of their original purchase price against the new back should they choose to order an upgrade before 24th July 2011 (6 months from launch date). 

Order a new IQ back now, receive a P+ back immediately and upgrade to the IQ back for the difference in price when available. 

Other information for you, Phase One have also changed the warranty conditions for the backs:

All digital backs purchased as Classic – one year Standard Warranty

All P+ digital backs purchased as Value Added – three year Uptime Warranty

All IQ digital backs purchased as Value Added – FIVE year Uptime Warranty

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If you wish to discuss your needs or want to arrange a demo please do not hesitate to contact the sales office on 0207-323-6455 and speak to Lawrence or Steve, or email For Rental of IQ Kit please ask to speak to Joe, or email