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Phase One Digital Lenses

The Phase One Digital lenses are designed for maximum image quality and freedom of choice – using digital back or film, using full frame 645 sensor like Phase One P65+ or less than full frame digital sensors.

The Phase One 645DF+ camera is the only 645 medium format camera which supports both focal plane and leaf shutters, expanding photographers' innovative possibilities by leveraging the two shutter technologies seamlessly for world class photography, whether this involves ultra-fast flash sync speeds or extremely flexible exposure times.

When used with the Phase One P+ & IQ digital backs, the image quality is further enhanced through advanced digital optimization in Capture One – the professional raw processing software supplied from Phase One.

Not only have all lenses been measured and profiled for automated enhancement in Capture One, also data regarding the specific position of the lens elements are captured and used for image optimization. This leads to absolute leading image quality with unique replication of the true colors, details and lightning of the captured moment.

Phase One Digital lenses uses eco glass, which contains no lead or arsenic, securing both better image quality and a nature friendly policy.

All Phase One lenses are supplied with a 3 year warranty. All Schneider lenses come with a 1 year warranty

The Phase One AFD lenses can be used with both the Phase One 645 AF/DF/DF+ Camera and Mamiya 645 AF/DF/DF+ camera system. Schneider lenses can only be used with Phase One 645 DF & Mamiya 645 DF camera system.

Please check with us as to the suitability of specific lenses for your camera and requirements.


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