Permajet Paper | Paper for Photo | Art Paper

A range of high quality inkjet media consisting of everything you'll need - Gloss, Oyster, Matt, Canvas and a choice of Fine Art Papers. These Permajet's art papers vary from smooth to textured surfaces as well as various weights from 210gsm upwards. Available in cut sheets A4 to A2 and rolls 13" to 60".

Permajet has also developed the Digital Fibre Based paper range. Permajet Fibre Based inkjet materials are suited to the darkroom printer making a transition to Inkjet Printing and wishing to retain or create a look and feel of a traditional silver based image. Why not try these and all Permajet's other surfaces for yourself in our Test Pack. Available in Gloss, Matt and Warmtone, with the Glazed High Gloss version.

Not all Permajet products are available from the sales office. This refers to a lot of the larger paper sizes, i.e. A2 & rolls and some of the more unusual emulsions and fine art papers as well as ink systems. These can usually be obtained for next day delivery so please call 0207-323-6455 or email to discuss your needs.