Gitzo Monopods


Gitzo monopods continue to set the standard for professionals and advanced amateurs. The range has been completely revised with new features and materials in order to offer lighter, faster and more stable products. Gitzo's Anti Leg Rotation system is now available on Carbon fiber, Basalt and Aluminum (GM2340 only) models. Thanks to ALR, monopods are now incredibly fast to operate and the height can be easily and precisely adjusted. Carbon 6X crossed layer tubing makes carbon fiber models surprisingly light and even more convenient for transportation. Carbon fiber and Basalt monopods also feature the innovative and exclusive G-Lock system that allows faster and stronger locking and increases rigidity by 20%. All new monopods come with a convenient anti dust bag for storage and packing.

Gitzo monopods may not be from stock. However are available to special order for direct delivery within 24 to 48 hours depending on manufacturers stock. If you have any questions before placing an order please call 0207-323-6455 and speak to Moses to discuss your requirements. Thank you.

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