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The LEE Filters - LEE Filters Wide-Angle Lens Hoods have much larger bellows to allow for effective shading on wide or particularly large lenses, where the use of standard hoods could cause vignetting. They can slide into the front 2mm slot of the Filter Holder or attaches directly to the lens with an Adapter Ring. LEE Filters' Lens Hoods complete the flexible LEE System of holders, hoods and filters. LEE's Hoods are made of the highest quality material, and are self supporting, yet manually adjustable to any position without guides or rails. Therefore, the hood may be extended at any angle to suit your shading needs. In addition, you can rotate the hood on its adapter ring!

LEE Filters were the originators of the self-supporting lens shade, a technology which is now used throughout LEE's range of hoods. The Lee Filters range of lens hoods is available in many configurations to suit all types of camera equipment and all types of photography.


  • Wide-Angle Lens Hoods
  • Light weight, self-supporting lens hood
  • completely flexible


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